Mommy + Me Peach Trees

Peach trees bloom in March for a short while and make the PERFECT backdrop for whimsical photos! I know a lot of photographers want to keep their locations secret … but I don’t feel like this is one of them. A quick google search can tell you that these farms are located near Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC. Sadly, you can’t get on the peach tree farm without paying for a photographers permit. However, there are some trees by Baxter Village if you want to go out and shoot some pics on your iPhone!

This sweet Mommy just happens to be my sister. I thought it would be nice to capture her during her pregnancy and get some shots with her baby boy before they welcome baby sister into their life! She has such a special bond with little Waylon and what a PERSONALITY he has. My goal is to always try and capture natural moments between family. You won’t ever regret having too many photos!

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