Apple Picking Season

I don’t even think it was technically “fall season” before my sister decided to purchase tickets to go apple picking with the kids. It was a super busy week but at only 1 hour away we had to jump in on her Field Trip Friday fun to Windy Hill Apple Orchards in York, SC.

Honestly we left and called each other saying “wow I am sweating that was a lot of work” haha! Let me be clear .. the TODDLERS are a lot of work … the APPLE PICKING was a lot of fun. During these COVID times I am always wary of what a public outing will entail but Windy Hill felt very safe. Everything is outdoors and they take reservations to ensure no overcrowding. We didn’t actually see too many other people while we were in the orchards but I am certain that they heard us screaming “smile! over here! look at mom! say cheese!” while taking 300 pictures … sorry not sorry.

It was a honest to God Christmas miracle and I convinced my daughter, Greer to wear a ridiculously cute outfit … So of course I got my camera out in full daylight and snapped some pics. I have to say they turned out to be some of my favorite pictures ever of the her … maybe it was because she has finally decided to love having her picture taken, buuuuut more likely it was because she hadn’t napped and was deliriously getting to eat delicious apples off of a tree. Oh well.

All in all it was a great outing and I would highly recommend taking a trip if you live in the NC or SC area. If anyone has any more fall trip ideas with kids please drop them below!

And thanks to my sister for always loaning me your adorbs children for my photography!

Zara Dress, Sarah Bray Bermuda (hat), Hunter Boots

Windy Hill Apple Orchard

  1. Erin Seneker says:

    Hi Erin, can we schedule a mini session this fall? I’d love to use the pictures for our Christmas card.

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