Polaroid Advent Calendar

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is our polaroid advent calendar. We started this tradition in 2020 and my kids absolutely love it. I obviously love photography and own multiple polaroid cameras – they are just so fun! My kids LOVE figuring out what we should take a picture of every day and our elf even gets involved sometimes! It is so fun to look back at the holiday month and see what all we did during such a short but special time.

My Target advent calendar is sadly old and buried 🙁 But I am not going to lie – after researching advent calendars I might be replacing mine with one of the cuter options below! 🙂

Time during the holidays in precious so I wanted to make this post short and sweet. But as always, if you have any questions just drop them below or reach out to me on Instagram!

I hope you find everything you need to make this a fun and memorable holiday tradition for your family as well!



This is the polaroid I have.

Full Disclaimer: I would NEVER pay this much for an instant camera. I think it must have been retired? and since these things most likely don’t last forever I would go with a more affordable option!


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