Summer Swimwear Sales

You just need ONE good swimsuit …

Over the years I have bought every kind of bathing suit. The cheap ones from China, the expensive ones from Hawaiian boutiques, and the mix and match ones and the ones I knew I would only wear for one season. Now that I am in my 30’s and a Mom, I believe that my money (and confidence) is best spent on swimwear that is timeless, makes me feel good, and will HOLD UP over the years. I spent time working in retail while living in Hawaii selling primarily swimwear/ beachwear – so I KNOW what I am saying when I tell you that spending more on swimsuits DOES make a difference in the long run.

Aren’t you tired of the cheap suits that don’t hold your stomach in and fall apart when you inevitably forget to air dry them and toss them in the dryer? Yeah, same. That’s why I decided around a decade ago to be the grown woman that I am, and actually invest in swimwear that I can wear summer after summer.

(But seriously please don’t dry ANY of your swim suits because it drastically decreases their life-span lol)

I feel like it needs to be said that while I love expensive swimwear and will stand behind it, I am not in the business of spending all my retail budget on swimsuits that I only wear during 3 months of the year. So every summer, I treat myself to ONE new expensive designer bathing suit. They hold up, I love them, and I don’t feel like I need to purchase a ton of new suits every summer. Just one good one.

There are some really great deals going on right now in the swim department, so I rounded up some of my favorites that I have been eyeing and adding to my cart. You’re welcome. 🙂

Posh Peanut
Under $50 on sale

30% off with code SALE30


Let’s be honest … I’m middle-aged, pale, and I have more moles and freckles than a Dalmatian. I need coverups that actually COVER UP.

Not on sale but timeless.

Over $400 off

Over $700 off!

PatBo Set
Top | Bottom

This year I purchased TWO Ulla Johnson suits because they are such great deals and I didn’t buy a suit for myself last year. I am now shopping for hats and basically anything that keeps me covered from the sun and attracting more dark spots on my fair skin. lol.

You can see the rest of my summer swim sale selects on my LTK Page here.

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